Episode 5 – Visual Novel Genres

Hi, folks!

We’re back again to discuss genres in visual novels with our guest, Veleon (Reddit, Twitter).

Topics Covered

0:00 – Host and Topic Introductions

0:17 – Guest Introduction and questions

1:22 – Genres that will be discussed

1:35 – Why certain genres are over/underrepresented in the market

9:57 Horror genre discussion

14:51 Mystery genre discussion

18:04 The most popular/highest rated VNs on vndb

21:45 Connection of Genres and Length of a VN

23:18 Multiple Route Mystery Discussion

34:30 Fantasy genre discussion

40:28 Science Fiction genre discussion 4

42:09 Example VNs from Major Genres

1:00:15 VN News

1:05:28 Shill a VN feat. fuwante0

1:07:17 Outro

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