Episode 9 – Adult Content

Hey folks! We’re really, really late this time. Sorry about that, the holidays and real life commitments and my loud breathing making this episode a pain to edit caused some delays here. We’re back (at last) to talk about my personal favorite topic–Adult Content in Visual Novels. To make up for being so late, we have a half of an extra episode this time. Our guest this month is redditor Zonijo. May god have mercy on our souls.

Topics Covered

0:00 – Host and Topic Introductions

0:25 – Guest Introduction and Interview

1:45 – Sex scenes in VNs: What are their purpose? Are they necessary?

26:40 – How Sex scenes are used in VNs

42:47 – 18+ vs. All Ages Releases

1:10:53 – News

1:27:50 – Shill Segment ft. ctom42

1:30:33 – Closing

Visual Novels Discussed


A lot of what we said about Dies Irae is out of date due to the unexpected nature of the Kickstarter updates they’ve made related to the 18+ release. Dies Irae does not have an 18+ patch, and the 18+ version is lacking in story relevant (if not critical) content.

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