This is the homepage of The Broadcast Club podcast. Originally founded out of the /r/visualnovels community, the goal of this podcast was to provide a broad appeal to Visual Novel fans and newcomers to the medium alike. Our aim is to keep the community informed, engaged, and entertained. We put out content on a monthly basis with rotating guests and are always looking for new ideas or people interested in joining us. The regular cast is made up of AngeTime, Nakenashi, and RallinaTricolor.

AngeTime: Known for his elaborate tier lists and amiable personality, he’s always interested in getting people to talk about what they like about VNs.

Nakenashi: The winner of /r/visualnovels’s popularity contest with a keen eye on community news and connections everywhere. He read the entirety of the Sakura catalog so we don’t have to.

RallinaTricolor: Loud and opinionated, he manages the website and will talk your ear off about Umineko whether you like it or not. Don’t bring up moege in his presence.

Also, a big thank you to Gogopri for drawing the art used for the podcast and website!