Episode 14 – Endings

ft. ctom42

Hey, folks!

Back again after some delays due to real life shenanigans (I moved back to America!) but we’re hoping to get back on a regular schedule very shortly here. Our guest this episode is noted Umineko enthusiast, ctom42.

Despite the episode title, we strove to avoid explicit spoilers as much as possible, so that this episode would be safe to listen to for everyone!

Also, we’re looking for more shill segments! If you’d like to raise awareness about your favorite visual novel, just drop us a line on Reddit.

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Episode 13 – Untranslated

Hey, folks!

With a repeat guest for the first time, we bring back Cornetto Man to discuss Untranslated Visual Novels! There’s also a list of Japanese resources at the bottom of this post!

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Episode 11 – Music

Episode 11 - Music in Visual Novels

Hey, folks!

Holy shit, we’re back again after a massive break due to RL business on all three of our ends. We’re hoping to get back into a more regular schedule again so expect more frequent updates! This month we talk about music.

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Episode 9 – Adult Content

Hey folks! We’re really, really late this time. Sorry about that, the holidays and real life commitments and my loud breathing making this episode a pain to edit caused some delays here. We’re back (at last) to talk about my personal favorite topic–Adult Content in Visual Novels. To make up for being so late, we have a half of an extra episode this time. Our guest this month is redditor Zonijo. May god have mercy on our souls.

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VN Review: Chaos;Child


VNDB LinkChaos;Child

Developer: 5pb. Games

Platform: PS4, PS Vita, PC(?)




Recently I finished Chaos;Child and felt I should write up some of my thoughts for the blog… I’m a long time detractor of Chaos;Head and generally hold the opinion that Steins;Gate is a fluke and the only thing worth reading in the Science Adventure series. I am very pleased to admit that as of now, I have been proven wrong. Chaos;Child is absolutely worth reading.

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Episode 7 – Popular Visual Novels

Hi, folks!

We missed a month there with hectic schedules all around but episode seven is finally ready. This time, we talked about popular visual novels and what makes them popular with our guest, Cornetto Man.

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Episode 6 – The Rise of Kickstarter

Hi, folks!

Our apologies for being a little late this month but the next episode is here at last! This month we try not having a guest to see how the format works with just us three. The topic is the effect of Kickstarter on the visual novel industry!

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